Contractor infraction reporting

This page is to collect Data on Contractors. For any successful challenge of this subject, we need to know what is happening on a regular basis on the territories that you work on. Even more important than knowing is having evidence of this work taking place. The increase in violations and the company’s failure to provide notice in many cases has left the Union unaware of contractor locations and safety related issues.

Along with the contractor being reported just for being on the property, we encourage you to fill out this form with information on Contractor’s that are working unsafely, without proper personal protective equipment, not following policies and rules etc…

This is not for filing a Grievance, or reporting unsafe conditions under the code.

Members will still need to follow the grievance procedure and contact their Regional Director for a grievance to be filed. If there is an unsafe condition involving a contractor, contact a manager immediately or protect the situation as possible while waiting to reach a manager.

Information Required.