Pacific Region Report June 2021


Fellow Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update to the members of the Pacific Region since January 2021 and thank everyone of you for your continuous support as your Director.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to represent all of you and I will continue to be a leader ensuring you are receiving the best possible representation when it comes to any issue the company throws our way.  

I’ll begin with a report on grievances, I’ve had monthly grievance resolve meetings in both Alberta and B.C. with company Directors, General Roadmasters and Labour Relations for each territory as well I was part of a Western Region Arbitration meeting. This process has been a battle but very positive putting a substantial amount of money back into members pockets. I am in constant contact with members who are receiving resolves so far and will continue to do so as more come our way. 

Covid has been a very trying time for all. I was fortunate enough to attend 4 CP start-up meetings in Alberta and 8 in B.C. in March and April and as the restrictions ease in the very near future I will make sure I attend as many as possible. 

We have negotiated a memorandum of settlement for one of our short lines Kelowna Pacific Railway. The week of June 21 we will have a ratification vote. As of July, we will be in negotiations with CN for a contract for the Mackenzie Northern Railway members.

I’ve attended a number of statements both in AB and B.C. as well as issuing several grievances. I’d like to take a quick moment to remind all of us to work safe out there and always “Question and Document Issues“.  You have the right to know and the right for representation. Also, I am quite looking forward to coming out to Alberta the latter part of June to have more of a face-to-face visit with the crews and sections with B.C. to follow. I look forward to seeing everyone soon, WORK SAFE!

In Solidarity,

Trevor Marshall

Director Pacific Region